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Appreciate is a smart DSP/RTB self-serve platform, providing advertisers with unique capabilities to plan, manage and optimize in-app mobile campaigns.

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In-App Experts

Appreciate has been specializing in mobile applications since 2010. The expertize we’ve accumulated over the years is the basis of our proprietary algorithms, unique analytical capabilities and a deep user-interaction understanding, allowing us to deliver valuable app-related insights and unparalleled mobile campaign results.

Appreciate provides advertisers with scalable, reliable and hassle-free tools to plan, manage and optimize their in-app advertising campaigns, the fastest growing mobile media channel.

Appreciate Partners

Smart DSP

Access thousands of curated and premium apps worldwide

Powered by a powerful proprietary core engine, Appreciate uses state of the art algorithms to best meet various advertisers’ KPIs. Whether looking to maximize full video viewability, reach the largest possible number of customers in a designated geographic area or attract the most valuable users for a mobile app, Appreciate enables the advertiser to easily setup, track and optimize performance in-line with the desired KPI.

Appreciate focuses on a fully automated, intelligent process which handles any bid request in sub milliseconds in order to ensure both scale and highest performance standards (ROI or user response/awareness).



Define campaign objectives: exposure, clicks, conversions



Target your audiences by application, category, geography, hyper-location, OS, device model, IFA/GAID, carrier and IPs



Pick your favorite publishers and apps



Upload your choice of creative execution and format: Banner, Interstitial, Native, MRAID, VAST



Set your bid prices, daily budgets and overall budgets


Real Time

Efficiently track performance in real-time



Define custom events for tracking. Cut and slice performance data by various criteria.


REAL media cost

See and track REAL media cost and win ratios



Optimize campaign directly from reports


Auto Optimize

Run Appreciate’s Auto Optimize option for an algorithmic-based ROI or optimize manually



Select your desired publishers, exchanges and ad formats



Plan your campaign by choosing from over 200 countries


Devices and OS

Choose the specific device models or OS versions you want to target



Select the desired weeks, days or hours for your campaign



Target pin-pointed Zip codes, specific points of interest or cities.


Carriers and IPs

Launch your campaign to cellular traffic, WiFi only or a specific operator’s users



Static and Animated



Static, Animated, Rich Media



Dynamic campaigns generating high performance and engagement



Matching campaigns to the look and feel of each publisher's site


Appreciate offers a variety of specialized services to ensure our customers make the most out of their mobile campaigns. Whether it’s branding, app installs or re-engagement, we provide expert support for your specific needs.

Performance campaigns

Leading mobile advertisers chose Appreciate’s DSP platform because of its scalability, reliability, optimization capabilities, algorithmic complexity competence and its combination of ad-formats and exchanges.

Many clients prefer using our platform’s Automatic Model option to optimize their campaigns, minimize costs and achieve top ROI rates.


Appreciate’s capabilities provide a uniquely powerful platform for brand-oriented campaigns. These include unique tracking and optimizing tools, which rely on video completion, location-based and other targeting options, app categories and user characteristics analysis.

App installs

Appreciate’s proven app expertize is extremely valuable for developers, looking to achieve high life-time value.

Our platform supplies developers with the most efficient engagement generating capabilities. Using blacklists, Lookalike features and advanced modeling, we provide optimized campaigns per app category (games, ecommerce, utility,…), improving performance and reducing CPI.

As a customer you will also enjoy our expertise in selecting the best fitting ad-format (video, native, etc.) for your campaign, as well as partnerships with top tracking partners such as APPSFLYER, TUNE, and KOCHAVA.


The ability to re-engage users becomes easier with Appreciate’s platform, allowing advertisers to re-engage their most relevant and responsive users. Using complex re-engagement algorithms, our technological platform identifies the best offers for optimizing reach and enhance user value.

Elizabeth Gilmore Head of Global Demand, MoPub

Appreciate DSP is a valued partner for MoPub in global inventory monetization. We are equally impressed by the technology, the people delivering a great service, and Appreciate's ability to quickly innovate in an ever changing market.

Agatha Bochenek Head of Mobile & VR/AR Advertising Sales at Unity

We have been working with Appreciate for almost a year now, and have a great tech and monetization partnership. The consistent communication and professionalism from the Appreciate team has helped us to achieve our mutual goals.

Abigail Karlish Head of Media at Performance Revenues

After experimenting with over 20 different DSPs, I can say without a doubt that Appreciate is practically the only one that has the perfect mix of necessary features for managing campaigns to a positive ROI, combined with a great dashboard and a killer team. Highly recommended.

Elisa Schwuchow Senior Manager Demand Partners EMEA at Smaato

Appreciate’s mobile-first technology and dedicated team makes them an ideal platform for advertisers to run their campaigns. As the leading global real-time advertising platform for app developers and mobile publishers, Smaato has worked closely with Appreciate for several years now, and we look forward to partnering with Appreciate to drive value for both advertisers and mobile publishers for years to come.

About Appreciate

We’re a bunch of serious guys with some serious knowledge in large scale data sets, and a serious expertize in apps. We do serious work, so that our customers can seriously enjoy better campaigns. Yes, not just geeks - Serious geeks.

As a self-serve mobile DSP/RTB platform, we allow advertisers to easily setup, target, track and optimize mobile campaigns in a fully transparent manner. But when it comes to service, our expert team is happy to personally provide every necessary support and advice.

We proudly provide advertisers with access to billions of daily impressions across the globe from leading exchanges such as Google AdX, MoPub, Smaato, AOL, Inneractive, AppNexus and more.

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