Achieve massive incremental
growth and ROI for your app!

Appreciate is a mobile app marketing platform running sixty billion daily auctions and enabling marketers to take total control of their programmatic ecosystem. In addition to extremely granular targeting, buyers have unconditional transparency at the exchange, app, placement and auction levels.

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Smart DSP

Programmatic fraud prevention suite exposes a variety of metrics and allows you to manage campaigns accordingly against custom thresholds.

Proprietary Media Scan technology explores and de-risks new pockets of inventory.

Configurable algorithms provide total control over optimization throughout the funnel in order to maximize profit.

Comprehensive RTB stats provide insight into bidding strategies and effectiveness.



Define campaign objectives: exposure, clicks, conversions



Target your audiences by application, category, geography, hyper-location, OS, device model, IFA/GAID, carrier and IPs



Pick your favorite publishers and apps



Upload your choice of creative execution and format: Banner, Interstitial, Native, MRAID, VAST



Set your bid prices, daily budgets and overall budgets


Real Time

Efficiently track performance in real-time



Define custom events for tracking. Cut and slice performance data by various criteria.


REAL media cost

See and track REAL media cost and win ratios



Optimize campaign directly from reports


Auto Optimize

Run Appreciate’s Auto Optimize option for an algorithmic-based ROI or optimize manually



Select your desired publishers, exchanges and ad formats



Plan your campaign by choosing from over 200 countries


Devices and OS

Choose the specific device models or OS versions you want to target



Select the desired weeks, days or hours for your campaign



Target pin-pointed Zip codes, specific points of interest or cities.


Carriers and IPs

Launch your campaign to cellular traffic, WiFi only or a specific operator’s users



Static and Animated



Static, Animated, Rich Media



Dynamic campaigns generating high performance and engagement



Matching campaigns to the look and feel of each publisher's site


We offer a variety of services to help mobile app marketers efficiently acquire high value users. We’ll help you craft and execute customized programmatic strategies that take into account your app’s unique conversion funnel and business model.

User Acquisition

Optimize towards retention, ROAS, CPA, or other KPIs and goals. Choose from a variety of ad units like static, native, rewarded video, interstitial and rich media.


Reach hyper-targeted existing users and increase their value. Define specific audience characteristics and present custom offers that will drive revenue.


Reach your target audience with extremely granular targeting. Drive brand awareness around points of interest, new product launches, or events.

Creative Wizard

Our built in creative widget will take the load off of your design team by automatically creating high impact variations of ads and formats directly from your app store page.

About Appreciate

Appreciate is a global technology company that builds programmatic mobile advertising solutions. We collaborate closely with MMPs, exchanges, advertisers, and other partners to provide an unconditionally transparent platform advertisers use to take total control of their programmatic ecosystem and achieve massive incremental growth and ROI.

APPRECIATE IS PART OF THE DIGITAL TURBINE PLATFORM With Appreciate, AdColony, Fyber, and the power of Digital Turbine combined, results keep getting better
Now a One-Stop Platform for Growth and Monetization
Programmatic UA: Scale your growth on iOS and Android, with the only DSP offering one-click to install ad units.
Best-In-Class Video: High-impact video and creative experiences for brands. Monetize your app with industry-leading video experiences.
Leading Monetization Platform: Boost your in-app revenues through the largest independent mobile exchange.
Mihai Petrescu User Acquisition Campaign Manager at Playdemic

Playdemic has been working with Appreciate for the past few months to help with our programmatic mobile growth. Appreciate has proven their quality algorithm can drive good results fast by setting a healthy strategy on how to approach user acquisition campaigns. The team's support and professionalism are at their best.

Agatha Bochenek Head of Mobile & VR/AR Advertising Sales at Unity

We have been working with Appreciate for almost a year now, and have a great tech and monetization partnership. The consistent communication and professionalism from the Appreciate team has helped us to achieve our mutual goals.

Abigail Levine Sr. Director, Programmatic Demand at AppLovin

Appreciate has been a strong partner of ours for a long time. Their focus on delivering a high-quality experience bolstered by robust technology drives consistent return for advertisers. Appreciate provides our clients with global access and support across all ad formats, making them a top-tier demand source for publishers of all sizes.

Harrison Arrieta Montes Head of Growth at Picap

Appreciate is a great partner, we have been working with them for few months on programmatic campaigns in Latam and are seeing good results and scale. Their built in Creative Wizard has been very helpful in creative production and the team is always responsive and helpful, all which has allowed us to expand our campaigns and geos and test more markets ongoing.

Vladimir Ilchenkok User Acquisition Lead at Veraxen

Veraxen uses Appreciate to uncover new segments of prospective users. “They have a broader view regarding what works across game segments and other verticals, as well as which units and traffic are available in real time to improve our results.

Linda Ouyang VP of Demand at Fyber

Collaborating with Appreciate is seamless. Their knowledge, forward-thinking and performance driven approach helped us improve and act on the potential buying there is in LAT traffic. Their ability to quickly innovate, provide high-quality users across multiple segments along with outstanding service was crucial in allowing us to achieve our mutual goals.

Pedro de Arteaga COO at Winclap

Appreciate is one of the strongest DSPs covering all the technology needs that a platform must have. Above this, it has key features that other partners do not have such as: "day parting" that can be crucial to set a campaign running only at specific times. Appreciate has the advantages of being a Self Serve platform while providing a great support service.

Elisa Schwuchow Senior Manager Demand Partners EMEA at Smaato

Appreciate’s mobile-first technology and dedicated team makes them an ideal platform for advertisers to run their campaigns. As the leading global real-time advertising platform for app developers and mobile publishers, Smaato has worked closely with Appreciate for several years now, and we look forward to partnering with Appreciate to drive value for both advertisers and mobile publishers for years to come.

Uzeyir Baser User Acquisition and Monetization Manager, Unico Studio

Unico studio developing great casual games, reaching game players all over the Globe, letting them have fun! We have been collaborating with Appreciate for a few months and we're happy with the great results and collaboration. Appreciate's sophisticated algorithm has shown its ability to optimize campaign efficiency by improving user lifetime value while driving installs below our cost per install targets.

Yoav Fuchs User Acquisition Lead at Gett

The level of transparency and results we got in Appreciates programmatic DSP has allowed us better control of our marketing spend and a much deeper insights into our audience and performance drivers. We are able to easily see and evaluate what we are getting in each publisher impression and judge the value against the costs, and decide where to invest our efforts most heavily.

Elizabeth Gilmore Head of Global Demand, MoPub

Appreciate DSP is a valued partner for MoPub in global inventory monetization. We are equally impressed by the technology, the people delivering a great service, and Appreciate's ability to quickly innovate in an ever changing market.

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