Did Gowalla manage to undermine Foursquare’s position?

Gowalla was recently acquired by Facebook, and soon will be assimilated into that social network. Foursquare is a much more visible mobile social location app than Gowalla. Both apps were launched on the Android Market quite some time ago and were both targeted for the same audience. We dived into our sources to try and determine just how Gowalla is positioned in regard to Foursquare.

Here’s what we came up with:

Footprint - Judging from the sheer number of users, Foursquare is the clear leader with an installed base nine times the size of that of Gowalla. Looking at regional breakdowns, Gowalla shows a high concentration of Asian users – 42% of its installed base, while only 34% of Foursquare’s users are from Asia. On the other hand, Foursquare have a slightly higher percentage of users from North America, Latin America, and Europe. Even more interesting is the fact that Foursquare users are more engaged - using the app more than four times as often as Gowalla users during the period we tracked usage. Furthermore, we identified an actual trend –Gowalla users are 30 percent more likely to uninstall the application.

So to conclude – It is not surprising that Gowalla does not seem to be a real threat to Foursquare, lagging behind in footprint, engagement, and loyalty. It looks like the decision of the runner-up to quit the race was the right one…