Battle of the Sweat Pacers – Endomondo vs. RunKeeper

The Holidays are almost over, and while trying to get on top of heavy family meals, we reviewed apps that can assist us in getting rid of the excess calories. We have chosen the popular fitness apps, Endomondo Sports Tracker and RunKeeper for our current head-to-head comparison. Both apps have done very well in the Android Market and gained millions of fans.

Here's what we came up with:

Endomondo leads on the footprint front, with double the number of active users as those of RunKeeper. On the other hand, RunKeeper users are much more active and tend to use the app nearly 50% more than those of Endomondo, judging by the number of app launches. This might be attributed to the simple user interface of RunKeeper. Another difference is that 34% of RunKeeper users are women, whereas only 25% of Endomondo's user base is women. Overall, we can see that both apps tend to be mannish.

Looking at regional preferences – Endomondo is heavily relying on Europeans, comprising 55% of their users, with only 22% from North America. RunKeeper is more balanced with 39% of the former and 35% of the latter. This can easily be explained by the origins of the companies – Endomondo is a Danish company while RunKeeper is situated in Boston.

When looking at loyalty – both apps tend to have high degree of stickiness, but we have noticed that RunKeeper users were 30% more likely to uninstall the app during the period we tracked usage. We think it might be related to the fact that Endomondo has better social features, showing friends' activities right on the home page and encouraging sharing one's workout on Facebook.

So to conclude – Endomondo leads in installed base figures and loyalty, but lags behind in engagement. For the average user, we can only recommend picking one of them and starting to work out!


  • Alfred Luger

    Hi Meir!

    Thank you for sharing this metrics. How did you collect the data? It would be intresting for me as an entrepreneur, how close / far away our runtastic apps are.

    Thx and all the best

  • wahid roshan surya

    i’m trying out both free versions… while it seems true that endomondo has a leaner interface, it lacks the feature of adding notes prior to saving and uploading (runkeeper has this feature – it also has the feature to automatically share to facebook timeline if checked)… both of them track well, with very similar accuracy (as i see on the maps)… runkeeper has a feature to activate a voice notification based on either units of time or distance or both (i didn’t see this on endomondo)… i’ll try endomondo till this weekend before i decide which one to keep…