Real time media buying

  • It's all about apps

    Platform tailored for programmatic In-app mobile campaigns
  • Performance Based

    Utilizing real time media buying & targeting technologies
  • Fully automated

    Test. Analyze. Optimize. Test.
  • Smart. Personalized.

    Each ad is a personal recommendation

Being connected to leading mobile Ad Exchanges through its proprietary Real Time Bidder on one hand, and to its advanced targeting and personalization engines on the other allows Appreciate® AppOffers to:

  • Gain access to billions of daily mobile impressions
  • Easy tools to setup campaigns and put together media plans
  • Clear and transparent tracking of campaign performance
  • Unique optimization tools tuned to advertisers desired results
  • Appreciate® Engine

    The Appreciate® AppOffers platform is powered by the Appreciate® engine, the core of Appreciate®, a leading Android app in the field of social recommendations and app discovery. The Appreciate® engine uses state of the art algorithms which take into account multiple factors from user behavior to big (apps) data to identify and target the most relevant user for each and every campaign.

We don't just serve ads,
we craft personal recommendations instead.

  • 1. AppOffers analyzes your campaign
  • 2. Helping you identify most relevant users
  • 3. Showing each one of them a personal recommendation
  • 4. You meet your campaign objective at the lowest cost

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