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Real time media buying

Being connected to leading mobile Ad Exchanges through its proprietary Real Time Bidder on one hand, and to its advanced targeting and personalization engines on the other allows Appreciate® AppOffers to:

  • Gain access to 30 Billion mobile ad impressions per month
  • Dynamically bid per impression in real time, providing maximum advertiser ROI
  • Select the most relevant ad to each user out of hundreds of live campaigns at any given moment
  • Personalize the ad content to maximize user engagement
  • Provide each advertiser and app developer with the highest quality users
  • Advanced targeting & content personalization engines

    The Appreciate® AppOffers platform is powered by the Appreciate® engine, the core of Appreciate®, a leading Android app in the field of social recommendations and app discovery. The Appreciate® engine uses state of the art algorithms which take into account multiple factors from user behavior to big (apps) data to deliver personalized app recommendations for each user.

We don't just serve ads,
we craft personal recommendations instead.

  • Appreciate® Engine analyzes your app
    Chooses users that will like using it the most
  • You get loyal users with higher Life Time Value
    Showing each one of them a personal recommendation

Products & services

  • AppOffers

    Appreciate® AppOffers is a leading mobile marketing platform specializing in the promotion of iOS and Android apps. Utilizing its proprietary mobile app machine learning algorithms, combined with Real Time Bidding (RTB) technologies, Appreciate® AppOffers provides each of its mobile app advertisers the highest quality mobile users with the highest Life Time Value.

  • AppRevenues

    Triapodi's mobile targeting SDK enables publishers to convert blind impressions, worth cents, to targeted impressions, worth dollars, while using their existing ad networks and maintaining user privacy.

  • Android Market

  • Statistics

    Appreciate® statistical information is based on data gathered from hundreds of thousands of users of Appreciate® Software Application and on the analysis of app sessions. Appreciate® Statistical Information is aimed to provide comprehensive information for mobile apps industry observers, followers and for buisness community.

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